The BIOMETRIC BRAZILIAN JOURNAL (Former Title: BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS (ISSN – 0102-0811)) publishes national and international articles preferably in the form of original research articles and, occasionally, in the form of reviews, communications and translations which can somehow expand or evaluate applied or educational theoretical aspects in the various fields of Statistics and Mathematics, with emphasis in Biological areas. Reviews will only be accepted of books published in Brazil within the last two years or in a foreign country in the last four years.
Manuscripts must be written in Portuguese or in English, preferably in English. Abstracts and keywords preceding the text must in the same language as that of the manuscript, and those following it must be in the alternative language.
Reproduction of articles from other publications and their translation into another language will not be accepted without authorization by the Advisory Board. Original manuscripts must be accompanied by a copyright transfer document signed by the author(s).

Paper preparation

Presentation: Manuscripts must be submitted in Word for Windows or PCTex format in printed form (three hard copies and one disc file) or by electronic mail (file). The manuscripts must not exceed 30 pages and must be edited according to the Journal's guidelines. Word and PCTex templates are available at { } or can be requested to the Editor { }. In PCTex, style RBB.sty must be used for manuscripts in Portuguese or English.

Manuscript structure: Manuscripts must follow the sequence :

Title ; Authors(s) (in full and only the last name in capitals); Scientific affiliation of author(s) (indication in a footnote: Department, Unit, University abbreviation, Postal Box, Postal Code, City, State, Country, E-mail Address); Abstract (maximum of 200 words); Keywords (up to 7 words extracted from a Thesaurus in the field, if available); Text (Introduction, Material and method(s), Result(s), Discussion, Conclusion); Acknowledgements (if any); Abstract and Keywords (English version of the Abstract and Keywords preceded by the bibliographic reference of the article itself); References (works cited in the text).

References: References must be in alphabetical order of the first author's last name and in compliance with the ABNT standards.

Abbreviations: Titles of periodicals must be abbreviated according to Biological Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts, Index Medicus and Current Contents.


•  Books and other monographs

CERVO, A. L.; BERVIAN, P. A . Metodologia científica para uso dos estudantes universitários . 2.ed. São Paulo: McGraw-Hill do Brasil, 1978. 144p.

•  Book chapters

ARNOLD, B. C. Multivariate logistic distributions. In: BALAKRISHNAN, N. (Ed.). Handbook of the logistic distribution . New York: Marcel Dekker, 1992. p.237-261. (Statistics, textbook and monograph, 123).

•  Theses and Dissertations

WERNICK, E. A geologia da região de Amparo, leste do estado de São Paulo. 1967. 235f. Dissertation (Doctoral Degree in Geology) – Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras de Rio Claro, Universidade Estadual Paulista, Rio Claro, 1967.

•  Articles in periodicals

ALOISI, R. R.; DEMATTÊ, J. Levantamento de solos da área onde se localiza a F.C.A.V.J. Científica , São Paulo, v.2, n.2, p.123-136, 1974.

•  Works presented in congresses or similar meetings (published)

TRAINA JÚNIOR, C. GEO - um sistema de gerenciamento de base de dados orientado a objeto: estado atual de desenvolvimento e implementação. In: SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE BANCOS DE DADOS, 6., 1991, Manaus. Anais ... Manaus: Imprensa Universitária da FUA, 1991. p.193-207.

Text citation: Citations can be direct (textual transcription of the consulted work) or indirect (information based on the work consulted). In direct citations , the transcribed text must be distinguished (in italics or with quotation marks), preceded by the citation, which must be in parentheses containing the author's name in capital letters separated by a comma from the publication date. Ex.: (PEREIRA, 2004). In direct citations , the text may precede or follow the citation, which should include the author's name only with a capital initial followed by the publication date in parentheses. Ex.: Pereira (2004).

Whenever page specification is necessary, it must follow the date separated by a comma and preceded by p. Ex.: Mumford (1949, p.513).

Citations of various works by the same author and published in the same year must be discriminated by capital letters following the date and without a space. Ex.: (PESIDE, 1927a) (PESIDE, 1927b).

Whenever the work has two or three authors, all of them must be indicated and separated by "and", and in the case of more than three, the first author is indicated and followed by et al. Ex.: (Oliveira and Leonardo, 1943) and (HENDERSON et al., 2004).

Notes: Notes must be reduced to a minimum number and placed in a footnote. Remission to the footnote must be accomplished by means of special superscript characters.

Tables: Tables must be consecutively numbered by Arabic numbers and headed by a title. The title must be preceded by the word TABLE.

Figures: Figures must be consecutively numbered by Arabic numbers and include a legend as a title. The legend must be preceded by the word FIGURE. Figures and their legends must be clearly readable.

Equations: Equation numbering, whenever necessary, must be sequential and in Arabic numbers aligned on the right. Its components must in italics, except for numbers and functions. Ex.:



Measurement units and symbols: These elements must be restricted to those conventionally used or sanctioned by usage. Unusual units must be clearly defined in the text.

Authors are fully responsible for data and concepts provided in the text as well as for the accuracy of references. Manuscripts that are non-compliant with these guidelines will be returned to their authors or adaptations will be requested as indicated in a personal letter.

Corresponding address:

Submission of manuscripts or other correspondence must be sent to:

Revista de Matemática e Estatística
Faculdade de Ciências Agrárias e Veterinárias - UNESP
Via de Acesso Prof. Paulo Donato Castellane, s/n
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